Advocacy Campaigns under GIF Project

Under the Global Internet Freedom Project (USAID) MDI Armenia has been running advocacy several advocacy campaigns directed at promoting internet freedom regulation, blocking restrictive legislation directed at blocking websites and limiting citizen’s right to browse internet anonymously.

Stopping Proposal to Block Internet Content

On July 4, 2022 Armenia’s General Prosecutor proposed a law allowing the state to block certain internet content, citing Russia as a positive example of how such a practice might work. General Prosecutor Artur Davtyan suggested that the country should adopt legal regulations allowing the government to block material on the internet it deems harmful. Davtyan framed the proposal as means of protecting Armenians from content like instructions on how to commit suicide or using and selling drugs. If such a law/system is introduced, the Armenian authorities can use it to also suppress freedom of speech.

MDI Armenia came up with an advocacy campaign against the proposed changes. The communication plan included public statements, give interviews to the media, initiate talk-shows and discussions on various news programs.

Below are some select links from the media coverage of the initiative and our advocacy campaign:

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